Hi, I’m Marisa Ferrera, a Soul-Centered Relationship Coach, and I’m so excited that you found yourself here.

I understand the pain of feeling stuck…feeling like peace and joy in relationships just doesn’t last. When I compromised my authenticity and didn’t speak my truth, I experienced first-hand how conflict can cause deep pain and suffering. So, after a failed marriage, I vowed to experience only healthy, authentic and sincere relationships and created a relationship that is beyond my wildest expectations.

As a Relationship Coach, what brings me the greatest joy is to help others–like you–see just how Magnificent you truly are. I help uncover what’s stopping you from having the relationships you truly desire and share strategies to support you in recreating your relationships to match these desires.

My experience as a school teacher has given me the ability to present and share information and concepts simply, following step-by-step guidelines, giving you a solid framework to heal your relationships. I can show you how to use conflict to create deeper connections and to strengthen ANY relationship, including your relationship with yourself.

After successfully coaching friends and family for decades, they encouraged me to share my gifts and passion with the world. I focus on supporting people in transforming ANY relationship that’s important to them. I show them how to create the space to heal their relationships and then give them proven tools and strategies that can be used to better deal with (and often prevent) conflicts. I also teach how conflicts can be used to bring people closer together rather than tear them apart.

After living in different Central and South American Countries for several winters, my husband Randie and I found our perfect piece of paradise. We now enjoy living the lifestyle we desire, being in a warm climate year round, part-time in Canada and part-time in Colombia, South America.

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