A Message From The Light

Since the end of May 2013, I have been receiving messages from beyond this world. Most times, I am awakened¬† between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. to record these messages. The first group of messages formed a book that I am in the process of preparing to publish.¬† The title I’ve been given for this book is, “Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway To The Life & Relationships You Truly Desire.”

There are several other messages that have been channeled through me on a variety of topics and I am being led to share them with you, beginning with the message I received this morning.

Each time I am guided to share another message, I will use the same image above with the words, “A Message From The Light.” This way, you will know that the words did not come from me directly and that I simply recorded them. After each of these messages, I will share my own thoughts and reflections under the title, “Marisa’s Musings.”

I invite you to share your thoughts, comments and questions that arise for you as you read each message. Scroll to the bottom of the post to leave your comments. Let us help one another to open our hearts and to grow in love.

Message From The Light

Peace_GlobeYour world is going through tremendous changes and this will continue for quite some time. There are many who are going into fear and these events are stirring up other old feelings of hate, doubt and distrust that have been within the minds and hearts of humans for many, many years. It is necessary for all of these feelings that have been carried around in your consciousness to rise to the surface so they can be released.

This is NOT the time to act on these feelings by creating more hatred and distrust of one another. It is time to come together in Unity and stand strong as the brothers and sisters who you are and to learn to love one another and support one another. If you truly wish to have peace on earth it MUST begin in the hearts of all men, women and children. As each one of you begins to open your hearts and respond with LOVE, no matter what events occur in your world, this will strengthen the good between you and will make it easier for others to respond in the same way. Lead by example.

Do not follow those who are less conscious and who continue to fall into the trap of blaming and judging others, for this will simply lead to further separation and more violence in your world.

Source from within yourself for the strength and courage you will need to continue on your life path during these dark times and remember you are the LIGHT that can penetrate all darkness and help lead the way for others to follow. We need your Light to help raise the consciousness of your planet and to help others find their own Light for this Light is within all beings on your planet, even though in some it is buried so deep that it may be hard to believe it is there at all.

Just remember, hate breeds more hate; distrust breeds more distrust; anger breeds more anger; love breeds more love; compassion breeds more compassion; forgiveness breeds more forgiveness. However you choose to act will determine which of these you are contributing to your planet as a whole. The question is, “Which of these do you wish to breed?”

Once you answer this question, act accordingly.

Marisa’s Musings

Marisa_FerreraWhat really stood out for me in this message were the words, “If you truly wish to have peace on earth it MUST begin in the hearts of all men, women and children.”¬† I’ve always known this to be true. I have often felt it is impossible for us to have peace on earth when there are so many people who carry anger and hurt within them and project this onto others. How can there be peace on earth when there isn’t peace between members of the same family?

This is why I am so passionate about helping people create more peace and harmony in their relationships. I KNOW this is required in order for us to have peace on earth. We MUST learn how to get along better with our family, friends and co-workers. If we don’t, how can we expect to get along with people in other countries who have different ideas, customs and beliefs?

If we are not willing to forgive the people in our personal lives who have hurt us, or disappointed us, how will we ever forgive strangers who have caused us, or those we love, harm? It is time to STOP the madness and destructive forces of hate and revenge and replace these with forgiveness and love. I choose to breed compassion, forgiveness and love. Who will join me?

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