New Year’s Day isn’t the only time when we can set new intentions and start over. We can make this choice in any moment.

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A Message for the New Year

Another year has ended and a New Year has begun. This is a time for both reflecting on the past and envisioning the future. What you choose to focus on at this time will have a direct impact on what you will experience from this moment forward.  Will you choose to...

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The True Meaning of Christmas

This is a busy and festive time for many people. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this "Message From the Light" can lead you to more peace, love & joy in your life. Message From The Light Christmas will soon be here and many of you are busy preparing for this...

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The Power of Gratitude

Even if you live in a part of the world where it isn't Thanksgiving Day today, I wish to share with you a message I received in January 2014 about gratitude, along with my musings about the message. The Power of Gratitude Much has been written about the power of...

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