A Message From The Light

Message From The Light

Until you are willing to shed Light on the darkest parts of you that lay hidden deep within you, you will never be able to experience the full Light that is waiting to be expressed in the world. You need not fear the dark, for it is the illusion of who you are and is but a mask that stops you from seeing and BEING the real you.

Whenever you react to another by blaming or shaming them, you are simply projecting that which is within you onto someone else, increasing the darkness that is around you and within you. Until you are willing to take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions, regardless of whether or not you feel someone else is to blame, you will NEVER be free from the grip of fear that keeps you stuck and stops you from manifesting what you truly desire.

Whenever you feel judged or offended by another, you can choose to react to them and attack them and make them wrong, or you can choose to look within yourself to see what is underneath these feelings that you are experiencing. The Truth is that no one can offend you,  or hurt you or disappoint you without your permission. Only YOU can allow yourself to feel these things and if you are willing to look deeper within yourself when you feel these things, you will see that at the core is an unmet expectation or fear.


When you are ready to acknowledge that you, in fact, created the very emotions that you are blaming another for, and that only YOU have the power to release these emotions and transmute them into Love and Light, then you can free yourself from the darkness within which you are experiencing your life and live more fully in the Light.

Marisa’s Musings

Marisa_FerreraThis message came to me after I asked my guides for a message that could shed some Light on a situation I experienced last week.  A Facebook friend unfriended and blocked me after I sent her a private message sharing with her how a comment she posted in a group we both belong to could be perceived by others as a complaint and was written in a way that was putting down the person running the group.

I sent her the message with a sincere desire to support her in being more aware of how she was communicating. Since this person often posts messages about the Law of Attraction, and since she has thanked me many times in the past for the support I’ve given her, I thought she would be open to my loving and constructive feedback. I was wrong.

In her first response to me, she told me she wasn’t complaining, she was being honest and I replied letting her know that we can express ourselves honestly and authentically without putting others down or shaming them.  I shared with her an example of how she “could” have expressed herself in the group without making the owner of the group wrong for not doing something in a way that she wanted or expected and telling this person how she “should” have done things.

Not only was she not open to hearing what I had to say, she told me she was offended and felt judged by my comments and in her final message to me, she told me NOT to contact her again.

What I learned from this was that regardless of my past communication with someone, it is important for me to ask permission BEFORE I offer any constructive feedback or support. It didn’t matter that my intention was to help this person.  She didn’t want my help and was not ready to look at herself or take responsibility for her emotions. I let her go with love knowing in my heart that the anger this person is feeling towards me has nothing to do with me. I was a catalyst for bringing to her attention the anger she is carrying within herself. I pray that one day, she will be ready to shine Light on this anger and let it go.

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