“One of the fundamental keys for handling conflict peacefully is to recognize and accept that everyone is doing the best they can.” ~Marisa Ferrera~

“Once you let go of the need to be right, you will open the door to unlimited possibilities for peacefully resolving conflicts.” ~Marisa Ferrera~

“Conflict is the Gateway to Experiencing A Deeper Connection With Yourself and With Others.” ~Marisa Ferrera~

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Hi, I’m Marisa Ferrera, a Soul-Centered Relationship Coach who helps people who are struggling with a relationship that’s important to them. It could be a relationship with a spouse or a significant other, a sibling, in-laws, friend or co-worker.

If you’re experiencing challenges in a relationship that you value, let me show you how you can use conflict as a way of bringing you closer together rather than tear you apart so that you can have the relationship with this person that you truly desire.

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